Rule #5: Practice, Practice, Practice. . .

You must dedicate a significant amount of to time to studying your craft. The implementation of your scheme is one of the most important aspects of Madden. As complex or simple as it maybe, it must be second nature. It’s 1st and ten and your opponent is a running 4-3 cover two versus your I-pro set, what do you do? The answer lays in your diligence in practice. The diligence to know what to do when faced with any particular situation, play, blitz, coverage, or scheme. To be honest, I could write a book on effective practice principles; however, that is a different story. Maybe, I’ll delve into that next week. The point is, practice is a mainstay and cannot be taking lightly. The next rule is just as important as practice.

Rule#4: Picking a Lab Partner

First of all, what is the lab? The lab is where you conjure up Madden spirits by calling them to help you through miraculous works. Note, the lab is your practice area; the place where you go to come up with the corky schemes. The lab is also known by these terms: the dungeon, area 51, man cave, hideout, the spot, the library, the office and the hyperbolic chamber. By now the term “lab” or laboratory should be well understood, the principles are simple. Picking a partner can sometimes come as a surprise. You’re playing someone online and that person happens to be as good as you are or slightly better; thus, you decide to join forces because you both believe there is something you can gain from this union.  Basic principle for a partner is:

  • He/she must be working as hard as you are
  • He/she must be able to bring something to the table, for example: good stick skills, defensive/offensive scheme etc.
  • He/she must possess the ability to communicate (nothing worse than trying to retrieve info from “mush mouth”)
  • Must understand that the lab isn’t scrimmaging all the time, its focused preparation.

All and all, a lab partner must be loyal to the cause by forming a union to make the group better. Lab partners can consist of more than two but no to exceed six. Why, you ask? Because a seven way split at a tourney is a stretch. Does anyone have change for a dollar? You get the point.

Rule#3: Lab Adultery is unacceptable . . . unless of course. . . .

Lab adultery is labbing with people outside the click. When you form a union, the point is to make the group stronger. So, if everybody is gainfully employed, there “should” be no reason for Lab adultery . . . unless of course, you can exchange some insignificant information to that person in hopes of gaining a golden nugget. This golden nugget will serve as vital to the crew’s growth. However, if you’re labbing with someone only for self, you have no business in a click.

Rule#2: No one man is more important than the crew

Selfish gain is something that is inescapable. That’s why it’s important that these types of people must be weeded out. When you notice that a baller is dedicating more time to his game and the crews goals aren’t at the forefront, he/she must go.

Here are some keys for spotting undesirables:

  • He/she never brings anything to the table
  • When the come around they’re “always” asking, “what’s new?” or “have you found anything?” as oppose to “I found something new” or “I’ve seen something new”
  • Always wants to work on their game and no one else
  • Only wants lab when it’s convenient for them
  • Only time they want to lab is when they want something

These types of players are disloyal and will lie to you anytime they can. They’re poker players, keeping their cards close until they get all your information. They’ll cut you as soon as you’re no longer an asset.

(Note: if this rule is applied properly rule#3 will be hard to achieve.)

Rule#1: Have fun; remember it’s just a game.

I dedicated all this time writing this blog to finish with ‘have fun’. Yes, I sure did. Often times, we forget the reason we began playing Madden in the beginning. Madden was our outlet, stress reliever, bond of friendship and getaway. If Madden increases our level of stress, than what’s the point. We all love winning, but we must be able to learn from losses. Don’t be so quick to turn the game off when someone is taking it to you. Hang in there, you might learn something. Frustration clouds our minds, which affects or ability to concentrate. So, you must have balance. You must be balanced enough to stay competitive, but not over competitive. You must be balanced enough to be cool, but not too cool to the point of careless. You must be able to accept loss, but not settle for them.

Finally, I hope that my Madden rules for success can prove to be a useful tool. If applied correctly you will see a significant change in you Madden game. If you missed rules 10 – 6, follow the link below to capture the whole story. Tune-in next week when I cover Madden: practice principles.

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    • What approach are you using to tackle? In previous years the strip button was heavily used, but in this game the Hit Stick is definitely back! It really depends on your player’s Hit Power Rating though. If it is really high, theirs more of a chance that your opponent will fumble.