This years new and improved version of voting for Madden 25 cover athlete has already successfully created a buzz within the community, garnering over 21 million votes in round 1. The first round of the competition didn’t see too many outrageous upsets, but a few players barely squeaked by their opponent, which certainly is cause for concern of their longevity in the tournament. Barely winning were Darrelle Revis, Dez Bryant, Von Miller, and LeSean McCoy.

If Round 1 is any indication of how the tournament will play out, the early favorites to win it all are Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, or Adrian Peterson. This bodes well for Peterson as he is the only “New School” athlete of the bunch. The voting between Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and Deion Sanders should be exciting for all Madden fans, especially if Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders meet in the final 4 of the “Old School” bracket.

Ultimately, I believe the tournament will come down to Barry Sanders vs Jerry Rice on the “Old School” side and Colin Kaepernick vs. Adrian Peterson on the “New School” side.

Prediction: ALL 49ers final with Jerry Rice over Colin Kaepernick to be Madden 25’s next cover athlete

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Madden Daily wants to know, who do you have winning it all?