46 Normal Fire Zone 3 Run Defense & Dual Heat                    Formation List                     46 Normal Rush Outside


The 46 Normal Fire Zone D is 100% the Best Defensive Blitz for Beginners. To get immense B Gap pressure at the QB you only need do 1 setup… Show Blitz! However, with some adjustments, we are going to make this Dumb it Down Defense into a Pro Tourney Defensive Scheme.

Since the Setup is so quick, you have time to make a ton of adjustments  without getting quick hiked. The faster the blitz setup is, the better of an every down defense it is.



1. Base Align (Triangle / Y + Right On the Dpad) – Optional but Recommended for Rest of Scheme

2. Show Blitz (Triangle / Y + Left on the Dpad)

3. Put Left of Screen Defensive End in a Flat Zone – Makes the Defense Much Better

– Control the MLB in a Hook Zone if you think a pass is coming

– Control the Free Safety if you think a Pass or Run is coming



 46 Normal Fire Zone 3 Run Defense & Dual Heat                 Formation List              46 Normal Rush Outside