As we wind closer to the Madden 17 season Rich wanted to break down a scheme that we feel is underappreciated because of all the other offenses out there. This scheme is strictly catered to the MUT users as every play that is broken down is a quick audible in the playbook and same personnel scheme.

Rich is also trying to get his subscribers up on YouTube and we would really appreciate it if you guys gave him a follow. For some reason his URL inst working right now, so we will post a link to his latest video in the forums and you can subscribe from there. Any support for Rich would be appreciated.

  1. Singleback Tight Doubles (PREMIUM + FREE TRIAL)
  2. Shotgun Falcon Trio (PREMIUM)
  3. Shotgun Bunch Offset (PREMIUM)
  4. Shotgun Tight Flex (PREMIUM)
  5. Shotgun Empty Falcon (PREMIUM)