Pro Bowl Tight End for the Patriots, Aaron Hernandez, is going to be out 4-6 weeks with a low ankle sprain. He suffered this injury this past Sunday against the Cardinals. Not even 48 hours later, the Patriots were lucky enough to find a replacement with similar skill sets as Hernandez. They just signed former pro bowler Kellen Winslow Jr. to a one year contract.

Winslow Jr. was traded from Tampa Bay to the Seahawks in the offseason. However, a few weeks ago, Winslow was then released. He caught 75 passes for 763 yards and two touchdowns last season with the Bucs. Although, not in his prime, I can truly see Winslow stepping right in and contributing heavily to the Patriots’ two Tight End sets. The Pats are now that much more dominant in Madden as well with 4 quality Tight Ends on the team. Next month, when Hernandez comes back, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Pats scheme around Gronkowski, Hernandez, Winslow, and even Shiancoe (Tight End from the Vikings.)

What do you think of the injury and newly acquisition?