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You can expect nothing but great Madden and Football content here at Madden Daily. Not only will we be giving out 3 to 4 Free Madden 13 Tips and plays every single week, but we also will have up to the minute breaking news for Madden and the NFL. If someone gets hurt, you don’t have to turn on ESPN; we have it covered for you. Another aspect of the site is our Fantasy Football section. Every week we are going to start up blog discussions in which we will all help each other win our fantasy leagues.

Finally, we have a NFL Vegas Section. What is NFL Vegas? It is our Sports Betting section in which everyone reading this will be able to show how good they are at handicapping. We will post the spreads in the middle of the week and give time for every one to do some analysis on what games they like. We will then make another blog in which every one posts 3 of their lock picks. We are going to tally the wins and losses of everyone’s bets to see who really is the best handicapper at Madden Daily!

Yeah the site sounds like it has potential, but who is going to put out all of this content?

Tournament player since 2007. I made the Boston Madden Challenge Finals in Madden 2008. I made the Final 8 in the Madden 2009 NYC Madden Challenge, to go along with a Final 8 in the Online Madden Challenge. In Madden 2010, I made the Final 8 at MLG in California. The same year, I made the Final 8 in Ohio, the Final 4 at Players bowl on the PS3 side, and the Final 8 at Players bowl on the 360 side. In Madden 2011, I made the Final 8 at Players bowl on 360 and the Final 4 at the Final Harrisburg event. Last year, I won 3 NYC tournaments, and made the Final 32 in the NYC Virgin Gaming Tournament for $140,000.

I was a Madden Writer for 2 years at TheGamersLab. I wrote, with the help of Shutdown, what was arguably the best Madden Ebook ever put out (Run Heavy). I also wrote an offensive and defensive ebook for Madden 12. I thankfully received extremely positive feedback for all 3.

Madden Testimonials of my Previous work:

    “Litezout is probably the only tourney player that will actually help you. He doesnt put out no fluff. His stuff is always unique and thoughtout. Pick this guide up fellas,support this dude for all he does for the community.Good stuff Litezout keep up the good work man”
    “bro your defensive guide is just dirty. i feel like i ripped you off so bad only paying $20 for it lol. i bought it this morning and literally ive already made back the $20 i paid you by taking it to virgin gaming”
    “yea the run defense in here is A+. it doubles as a blitz when facing the pass too. love this ebook. one of the best this year.”

    “Litezout thought outside the box on this homie. i usually dont give alot of reviews becuz alot of ebooks nowadays look the same in some sense.”

    “Guys this Defensive book will flat out win you games. I buy ebooks from a lot of sites this is by far the best one ive ever had on defense. Litezout himself even played me in a lab game, even with me knowing what he was running he still had me struggling to move the ball. After the game he was a lot of help too. Just like with his other books, Im scared for people to be running this on me when ran right. If anyone is having trouble on defense, and play in money leagues or money games get this book.”

    “Honestly, let me just say that over the years I’ve went through several of ebooks from numerous sites. I can say that without a doubt, this is the most impressive guide I’ve ever seen. The scheme is so unique, yet so simple. However, the simplicity of it doesnt take away from the effectiveness. The biggest problem I’ve noticed with ebooks is that they force everyone to run the scheme mainly only one way. With this ebook, their are many ways that this playbook can be used. You may get two guys that run this book against each other, but chances are they wont be running the book the EXACT SAME WAY. Thats because this ebook allows you to run the scheme the way YOU want it to be ran.”

    “Man, I purchased many ebooks over the last few years, but DAMN, this is the best book I ever purchased.”
    “Hahahahahahaha … this play book is ridiculously amazing. If you have legitimate vision when you run, this play book is the best I’ve ever seen in Madden. I made the official switch to this play book, and have now gone on a 19 game run. Add to it, there’s no such thing as a nano against this O. Seriously.”