Arizona Cardinals Madden 16 Offensive Ebook Breakdown

Welcome Guys to Our Cardinals Offensive Ebook! This Ebook is Designed for all viewers to Dominate in The Draft Champions and Madden Ultimate Team Mode. You can also use this successfully in Ranked Games, however we are not focusing on creating this scheme with Custom Audibles. This Offense is designed to excel when using Stock Audibles. We will be doing this for many Offensive Playbooks but this Cardinals Guide is for Members Only!

There are 3 Main Schemes we like to use with this Cardinals Playbook. Our main scheme will be the 1-1-3 Personnel. We will be mainly coming out in Gun Split Close when using this scheme and quick hiking so our opponent can not set up their defense. We like to use Gun Ace Twins Offset to slow the game down because it has the Best Inside Zone in Madden 16 with a great safe passing play to go with it. Finally, when we need a quick score or if we are down by more than 1 possession, we like to go with our 4 WR scheme. The formations we mainly use with the 4 WR scheme is Gun Snugs and Gun Flip Trips. We also use I Form Twin TE (Tight Pair) when we get in the redzone or on short yardage. We don’t break that down in this guide but we mainly come out in FB Dive or HB Toss and audible to the 2 Passing plays (deep pass audible and playaction audible.)


Let’s Get Started..

3 Wide Receiver / 1 Tight End / 1 Running Back Scheme

2 WR / 2 Tight End / 1 Running Back Scheme

4 WR / 1 Running Back Scheme