Litezout from Madden Daily here to show what in my opinion is the best DT A Gap Blitz in Madden 13. The play is called Dogs Zone Blitz out of the 44 formation. I understand that people have already posted really nice A Gap Blitzes and they might only send 2 or 3 guys. However it either is too inconsistent or takes too long to setup. This A Gap blitz can be setup extremely quick and can be done without touching anyone but the Free Safety!

Since you don’t have to get off the FS, Dogs Zone Blitz is a perfect play to put in your audibles. When your opponent gets a first down and decides to no huddle, this is the perfect time to surprise your opponent and sack the qb with this play. Also, The 44 formation is naturally good at stopping the run due to having eight men in the box (plus the fact that all of the linebackers are blitzing.) For the advanced Madden players, if you see that the running back in on the right side, flip the play so that the blitz will come through the left A Gap.

If you watch the video, you will see that this blitz for some reason works better with teams that use a 34 defense. That might just be a huge assumption that I’m making, but for some reason the blitz is less consistent for me with teams that are designed to run a 43. Maybe it’s because the more speed on the line, the less chance the DT will come in? Please comment in our blog below and let us know what you think about it. Is this the best DT blitz overall that you came across this year?


44 Split – Dogs Zone Blitz (Found in the 43 playbook)

Setup: (only 3 adjustments!)

– Globally Blitz your LBs – Right on the Dpad + Down on the Right Stick
– Spread the LBs – Right on the Dpad + Up on the Dpad
– Spread the Dline – Left on the Dpad + Up on the Dpad

Control your Free Safety and move him a yard back

** To flip the play, press X (Square for PS3) and LT (L2)

then redo the previous 3 adjustments to get the blitz to come in on the opposite side!

Alternate Setup:
– Put your MLB that is opposite the blitzing DT in any zone ( I like to put him in a deep blue zone.) To do this just press A + Up on the Right Analog.

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    • thanks! All you have to do is Aggressive Block. To do this… press down on the dpad + up on the dpad .. that will make your offensive line block aggressive and the DT will not come in.