FB Dives have been one of the hottest runs in Madden since the Ps2 days. This year, however, no one is really talking about them anymore. Madden Daily has found what we feel like is the best FB Dive in the game. This Dive is different than most because the run slants to the outside. It is easy to rush up the middle or off tackle depending on how the linebackers play the run.

By flipping, or play makering (is that a word?) the run, we now can go in four different directions while staying in the same play. I advise you mix this in with a good passing play, and the Strong Stretch. The Stretch works really well with the FB Dive in a quick hiking offense. This is due to the fact that we can quick hike the Stretch to the right, and then quick hike the FB Dive to the left on the following play. This simple offense will be extremely hard for your opponent to stop.

Play is found in the Titans Playbook: I Form Tight – FB DIVE

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