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Formation: Nickel 245 DBL A Gap

Play: Nickel Overload 3

Defensive Playbooks: Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, Denver, Greenbay, Houston, Indy, KC, New England, Saints, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, Chargers, 49ers, Titans, Redskins


For the Most Simple Setup… All you have to do is Crash Your Defensive Line Down! To do this, Press LB/L1 + Down on the Right Analog Stick


Here is the Complete Setup:

  • Base Align
  • Crash Defensive Line Down
  • Move Blitzing Nickel Back Down and Close to the Left of Screen Outside Linebacker
  • Optional: Put your Right of Screen Defensive Outside Linebacker in a Flat Zone


** CONTROL THE FREE SAFETY BUT DO NOT MOVE HIM UNTIL BALL IS SNAPPED** The blitz can still come in if you move him around; however it will be less consistent. Keeping him in his original spot will make it come in every time. **


This Blitz Comes in Against Shotgun, Pistol, and Under Center! ALSO, YOU CANT NOT SLIDE PROTECT THIS BLITZ! We are only sending 5, and our opponent must Block to try and stop it.



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