Here is the information for Big City’s 2nd Annual December 1st Guaranteed $2000 Madden 13 tournament in Ohio! If you think you have what it takes, do not miss out on this great event! Come out and make a name for yourself as one of the best Madden players in the country!


Dec 1st

Sign-ups at 11am

Tournament starts at 12:15pm firm!!


Red Roof Inn
909 South State Street
(614) 890-1244

$55 a nite!!

(You DO NOT have to tell them you are with BIGCITY to get this rate. This is the closest most affordable,clean hotel, we could find. Book it soon!!!)

Gordy’s Sports Bar
(Prevent room)
6150 Sunbury Rd
Westerville Ohio 43081

Payout Structure




**Pre Reg $50**
(FREE to pre register just sign up through our website and receive the pre register discount at the door)

$60 at door (includes a $10 venue fee)
$25 Buy Back

Tba…..3 or 4 man Round Robins (everyone plays 2 games) with Single Elimination Playoff Bracket RR tie break Procedures

1. Margin of Victory/Defeat
2. Points Scored
3. Points Allowed
Buy Backs-

Single Elimination Playoffs

Seeding will be determined by Record/ Point Differential. Players who buyback into the tournament will be seeded and placed at the bottom of the bracket.

Game Play Rules

1. Settings
Play Call Style- Conventional
Game Difficulty – All Madden
Auto Sprint/ Auto Strafe – OFF
Injuries/ Fatigue – ON

Playbooks- any playbook in the game can be used.

Use of NFL Teams only (no legend teams) same teams can be used (change uni’s)
Quarter Length- 3 min (Qualifying Rounds) 4 Min (playoffs) 5 min (Title game) (2 min buybacks)

No Accelerated Clock
Game Speed- Normal
Weather- Clear

2. Substitutions Rules
Offense for Offense and Defense for Defense
NO WR at CB/S etc

3. Gameplay
No Block Kicks/Punts and No Fake Punts/FGs

Onside kick is only allowed in 4th Quarter and LOSING

No hurry up after Incomplete pass

QB Draw rule- On non designed QB runs the QB must drop back 1 step in Shotgun or 2 steps under Center before running. (Designed QB runs do NOT fall under this rule)

QB Sneak (goalline) may only be used in Down and Distance situations of 2 or less Yards ( ex 2nd and 2, 3rd and Inches etc)

Mercy Rule- Winning team is up by 21+ pts with possession (for seeding purposes you cannot have a spread in a game greater than 21)