Nickel 335 2 Man Under madden 25

In this tip we first glance at the most common blitzes over the years in Madden. As Madden players we know that you need to usually blitz at least 5 guys to get 1 free rusher in, and 6 guys to get 2 in free. We do this by manipulating the offensive line in one way or another to get the Center to not block anyone.

In this video we then show you the Fake Blitzing method. This is a concept many Madden players have used over the years. To do this you’re going to either control a linebacker or safety and blitz him down. Your then going to let the computer rush in with him for a half of yard before manually controlling, and running into coverage with him.

We use this concept to create a really nice blitz out of Nickel 335 – 2 Man Under



Nickel 335 – 2 Man Under



1. Shift the Defensive Line left right away

2. Crash the Defensive Line Out

3. Move Blitzing Outside Linebacker on the left next to Defensive End

4. Fake Blitz with either Safety