This week we are giving you guys not 1 Week of Membership Tips, but 2! This week we are breaking down everything you need to know about the Full 34 Even Scheme. That includes getting the Undercenter DT A Gap to come in with any play, + how to scheme that D with everything else we broke down!


I didn’t want you guys to think you should stay in the Under Center DT A Gap setup only. You should be mixing in all of the 34 Even setups we broke down this year. I’m going to help you with that this week by showing you some key ways to go from the Under Center Setup to Shotgun and vice versa. We show every 34 Even blitz we broke down this year plus NEW SETUPS!


Enjoy These Bonus Tips and Stay Tuned for Our Week 37 Membership Tips dropping tomorrow night or Sunday!


( This Bonus Week of Tips is for PREMIUM Members ONLY! )

1. How to Get the 34 Even Undercenter DT A Gap Blitz w/ Any Play!PREMIUM ONLY

2. How to Scheme with 34 Even + Every Single 34 Even Blitz Possible. (Some New Blitzes We Haven’t Broken Down Yet!) PREMIUM ONLY

3. 34 Even Gameplay from Litez mixing in the SetupsPREMIUM ONLY




    • Can you be more specific on this Rocket Catch. We haven’t seen any unstoppable type Rocket Catch yet. We would love to help out but need more info. Thanks!