In Part 1 we showed you the Gun Split Close Scheme in Full. Now in Part 2 we are going to show you how to lock it down! Posting these type of videos is something we feel like you guys want and we may start doing more often. Hope you guys enjoy!


How to Stop Gun Split Close in Madden 16 PREMIUM ONLY


  1. I’m using Pittsburgh Off and I can’t sub in my backup running back in gun split close in the fullback spot, I tried depth chart, subs when you pick your formation changing the packages. Did EA patch this?

  2. I say yes on the plus membership. That would be worth the price really. So many ppl have your guides and membership because its cheap lol. Quality of course but priced low so its a gd investment. A result of that is its everywhere i mean alot of ppl run your guides. A how to stop would be dope for stopping offense an a how to counter for picking apart the best defenses would be definitely worth a separate membership.