Welcome To Our Madden 15 Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Ebook! We have been working on this Ebook for Over 2 Months and We Absolutely Love How it Came Out. This is Litezout’s Favorite Ebook of all time! There are 3 Ridiculously Hard To Stop Personnel Schemes in this Book and 15 Formations Covered Overall. Every Great play from this playbook was broken down and we made them even better. If you are tired of the same old Madden 15 Offense and want something FRESH, This is The Offense I guarantee it! This Offense is NOT RELIED ON FACE CATCHING! You will actually be beating your opponent with a REAL Scheme like back in the old Madden Days.


This Offense is Battle Tested against Tournament Pros, the Best Ranked Players, and Even the Best Madden Ultimate Team Players! You can use this book with or without audibles and still DOMINATE. We GUARANTEE IT!

best madden 15 offensive ebook - pittsburgh steelers


3 Personnel Schemes Covered in this Guide

1. Singleback Ace Pair Flex (Chief) – 2 WR / 2 TE / 1 Rb

  • Best Under Center Formation in the Game & Arguably the Best Overall Madden 15 Formation
  • – Most Unique and Fresh Offense you can Possibly Have in Madden 15
  • – Unique Routes, Multiple 1 Play Touchdowns, Great Run Game, Quick Passes, Screens, EVERYTHING!
  • – If You Want To Out Scheme and Out Coach Your Opponent, You Can DEFINITELY DO That With this Scheme!

2. The Cheesiest Offense Imaginable! – 2 WR / 1 TE / 2 RB

  • Extremely Easy Way to Score and Go Up and Down the Field Against Your Opponent
  • – Ability to Go Uptempo or Slow the Game Down w/ Same Scheme

3. The Perfect Pass and Run Combo Scheme – 3 WR / 1 RB / 1 TE

  • The Best Madden Passing Plays
  • The Best Madden Roll Out Plays
  • – Man and Zone Glitch Plays
  • – Dominate Run Plays
  • – The Best Screen Plays




1. Intro to the Ace Pair Chief Formation

2. SB Ace Pair Flex – Four Verticals Part 1

3. SB Ace Pair Flex – Four Verticals Part 2

4. SB Ace Pair Flex – WR Clown Cross

5. SB Ace Pair Flex – PA HB Trail

6. SB Ace Pair Flex – WR Under

7. SB Ace Pair Flex – TE Spot

8. SB Ace Pair Flex – PA Power O

9. SB Ace Pair Flex – PA Steeler Sail

10. SB Ace Pair Flex – Run Plays

11. SB Ace Pair Flex – HB Slip Screen

12. SB Bunch Base Breakdown

12. Strong Close Breakdown

13. I form + Full House Breakdown

14. Intro to 3-1-1 Personnel Scheme

15. Gun Split Close – Runs

16. Gun Split Close – PA F Slide

17. Gun Split Close – WR Corner

18. Gun Split Close – Close HB Wheel

19. Gun Split Close – Hb Slip Screen

20. Gun Split Close – Close FB Trail

21. SB Doubles Pt 1 (Runs + PA)

22. Sb Doubles Pt 2 (Fl Middle)

23. Sb Doubles Pt 3 (Z-Close Corner)

24. Gun Doubles Formation Breakdown

25. Singleback Y Trips Formation Breakdown

26. Gun Bunch WK Pt1 (Runs and Screens)

27. Gun Bunch WK Pt2 (Pass Plays)

28. Miscellaneous $$$ Plays

29. Suggested Audibles

30. Gameplay Videos



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