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WELCOME to Our Brand New Madden 16 Texans Offensive Ebook! This Offense was designed and created by two top tournament players and Madden Daily Staff Writers Zan and Rich. They both have some of the Best Madden Minds out there bar none. They not only came up with the Offense together, but they also are explaining and teaching this Offense to you guys in a Dual Commentary Style! You will get both players perspectives on the plays broken down. Not only that… Litezout and Fiasco are also going to start using this Offense and you will soon get their perspectives of what they like about this playbook as well. The Texans playbook has everything you need + more for how this game has evolved Post Patch. It has an answer to anything your opponent can throw at you which says a lot because at this point in the year there are several really good defenses that a lot of Offensive playbooks can not beat. This Texans Guide Can and Will Beat Every Post Patch Defense Out There!





Formations Covered in our Texans Offensive Guide:


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  1. FREE Intro to Texans Offensive Ebook + Gun Tight Doubles On – Slot Fade Cross
  2. Gun U Trips Wk – Universal Motion Concepts
  3. Gun U Trips Wk – Four Verticals (2 vids)
  4. Gun U Trips Wk – PA Slot Cross
  5. Gun U Trips Wk – HB Wheel Shot (Cover 2/ Cover 4 Bomb) (2 vids)
  6. Gun U Trips Wk – HB Wheel Shot (Beating Zone)
  7. Gun U Trips Wk – HB Wheel Shot (Beating Man)
  8. Gun U Trips Wk – Scat (Beating Zone)
  9. Gun U Trips Wk – Scat (Beating Man)
  10. Gun U Trips Wk – Scat (Dual Delays)
  11. Gun U Trips Wk – Double Ins (Speed Out)
  12. Gun U Trips Wk – Double Ins (Auto Rocket Catch)
  13. Gun U Trips Wk – Shot Wheel (Beating Man and Zone)
  14. Gun U Trips Wk – Shot Post
  15. Gun U Trips Wk – WR Post Corner
  16. Gun U Trips Wk – WR Curl
  17. Gun U Trips Wk – HB Slip Screen
  18. Gun U Trips Wk – Inside Zone
  19. Gun U Trips Wk – Beating Quarters 3 Deep
  20. Gun U Trips Wk – SCHEME BREAKDOWN by Zan     
  21. Gun Y Trips Wk – BuckSweep            
  22. Gun Y Trips Wk – Four Verticals      
  23. Gun Y Trips Wk – Y Shallow Cross   
  24. Gun Trips TE – PA Shot Wheel Pt 1 (Quick Hike)   
  25. Gun Trips TE – PA Shot Wheel Pt 2 (vs Zone)   
  26. Gun Trips TE – PA Shot Wheel Pt 3 (vs Man)  
  27. Gun Trips TE – PA Shot Wheel Pt 4 (Flipped Cov 4 Bomb) 
  28. Gun Trips TE – Quick Auds (glitching Cover 3)  
  29. Gun Trips TE – X Spot  
  30. Gun Bunch Wk – Stock Quick Audibles 
  31. Gun Bunch Wk – Additional Setups Utilizing Motion 
  32. Gun Snugs Flipped – Flood Shot
  33. Gun Snugs Flipped – Texan Switch
  34. Gun Snugs Flipped – Drive Trail (Cover 3 Glitch)
  35. Gun Empty Texan – Drags            
  36. Gun Empty Texan – Shot Wheel  
  37. Gun Empty Texan – Z Poco             
  38. Gun Empty Texan – DBL Slot Cross    
  39. Gun Doubles Quick Audibles       
  40. Gun Split Texan – Slot Post             
  41. Gun Split Texan – PA Texan Shot     
  42. Gun Ace Pair Flex – Quick Base (Beating Top Inside Zone Ds)
  43. Gun Ace Pair Flex – Four Verticals
  44. Gun Ace Pair Flex – PA Slide
  45. Gun Ace Pair Flex – Glitchy Motion Route
  46. Gun Ace Pair Flex – PA Slot Post (vs Zone)
  47. Gun Ace Pair Flex – PA Slot Post (vs Man)
  48. Gun Ace Pair Flex – (New Slot Screen Concept)
  49. Gun Ace Pair Flex – Blocking Gap Blitzes without actually blocking
  50. Gun Ace Pair Flex – Quick Slants
  51. Gun Ace Pair Flex – Smash Stick
  52. Gun Ace Pair Flex – TE Spot (2vids)