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Hey guys, we just released our Brand New Madden 17 Eagles Offensive Guide/Gameplan!

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This year we have partnered and teamed up with MUTHead to create a website called MaddenPros. We felt like in order to take our Brand to the next professional level we needed some help. MUTHead was just bought out by Twitch/Amazon and has some of the smartest Web Developers and Designers in the Gaming World. It also helps that they have the Biggest Community and Brand in Madden. With their help, we created the Best Possible Ebook Site you could ever imagine. It’s so good we wanted to no longer use the name “Ebooks” because it would be a disjustice to how good the Presentation and Quality our Gameplans are. We are the Best at what we do and they are the Best at what they do. We’re joining forces to create something extremely special for the Madden Community and we’re starting today with our Brand New Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Gameplan!

NOW PREMIUM MADDEN DAILY MEMBERS, PLEADE READ THIS before going to the Madden Pros Website. We are giving Members 50& Off on 1 Gameplan by granting a 1 time usable code. To get this code, prove that you are a Premium Madden Daily Member by filling out a Support Ticket with your Paypal Email Address. We will respond with your own code and you can use that at Madden Pros successfully. We are no longer doing the deal of giving 50% every single Guide, but trust us that we will be doing more discounts for our Premium Members to make sure we are catering to the customers that buy a lot of our products. We have another promotion we are going to run soon but we want to make sure we can logistically make it happen before announcing.

For the 1st Gameplan we are honoring the 50% Off to Our Members but we have to do this manually since Madden Daily Premium Members are not linked with Madden Pros. So send in a Support Ticket and we will send you over a code ASAP. We are sitting by the computer waiting for your tickets so you do not have to wait long.

Go Check Out How Dope Madden Pros is Now! We Promise You Won’t Be Disappointed!


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PS:::: New Madden 17 Defensive Gameplan will be dropping Next Weekend and it is Complete Fire. I dare someone to say there is no heat in this game because we are SCREAMING!


  1. I’ve sent 2 lost password resets to you guys and still having recived anything. It’s been a week, do you want to make money or not?