Madden Dailys Madden 25 Defensive EBook


We have officially launched our Madden 25 Multiple Defensive Ebook.  BUY IT NOW FOR $19.99 !!! In this guide there are 33 videos with an abundance of plays and variations covered. We also have break down when and why to call every single play that we covered! We break down 4 base formation schemes you can use, defenses specifically designed to destroy the run game, and defenses strictly to send the heat on pass downs. This defensive ebook covers everything!


Madden Daily loves the Multiple Defensive EBook because it has every formation we need! Here are the formations we cover in the ebook: 34 Odd, 34 Solid, 43 Stack, 43 Odd, 52, Goal Line, Dime, Nickel Strong, Nickel 335 Sam Even, Quarters Normal, and Quarters 3 Deep.

Many people feel hopeless on defense and lost their desire to play the game because of it. Well this ebook is going to bring back your passion for Madden. We show you the correct way on playing defense in Madden 25. We show you how to make up for bad purple zone AI, How to lock down on 4th and 1 (not just QB Sneak), how to lock down the popular Pistol and Shotgun runs, and also how to get heat when your opponent is blocking out of Play Action plays. We even show and explain maximizing your coverage while getting nice pressure at the QB. I promise after mastering this ebook, you will no longer feel like you have to score every single down on Offense. This is going to give you much more confidence on the defensive side of the ball.


  1. Guys this is Killbumz. You can usually find me hanging out on the TGL forums, I have to say this – I’ve bought every product Madden Daily (Litezout & Fiasco) has put out and this defensive ebook may be the best of them all. The intro video alone, and the concepts it covers, are worth the price of purchase. This is hands-down the best defensive ebook on the market imo. I really don’t know what else to say but thank you!

      • Thank you Will! Just like I said to KillBums.. We’re making a Feedback video for YT.. would love if you can throw in your feedback so our other subscribers and potential customers can see how everyone is enjoying it. The video should be up in a few hours. Thanks again!

        • I agree with KillBums. The concepts alone are worth the price and that was just the intro. Been down with Litezout since the Run Heavy days!!!

    • Thanks Killbumz. Nothing but great things to say as always. I’m about to make a Feedback video on Youtube so everyone can post their feedback. Would really appreciate it if you could right something on there for us as most of our customers are from YT. Working on the video now. Should be up in a few hours.

    • So you have Mavericks? Our ebook software, along with many other programs out there doesn’t support Mavericks right now. We have a meeting this weekend with a web developer. We’re going to be attempting to switch over our ebooks to this website. That way not only can Mavericks users see the ebook, but you can also view the book on your phone. Email us at so I can inform you when this happens.

    • We didn’t get a chance to play ps4 yet but we are getting XBOX One tomorrow. If you are going to strictly play Ps4 from now on I would hold off from purchasing this book. We heard as well that the Offensive Line blocks differently so I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t for next gen.

    • The software we use is only compatible with PC’s and Laptops. However, for the guys that want to view it on smart phones, we put all of the ebook videos up privately on youtube. That way you can watch the videos on your phone.