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Welcome to Our Madden 16 D-FLATION Defensive EBook! We covered 2 Different Playbooks in the Guide… New England’s Defensive book and the Multiple D Defensive book. We have been working on the guide since before the game was even out! The reason why we did 2 Ebooks in 1, is because we wanted to make sure we gave you guys our absolute Best Defenses that we found already.


Madden Daily is made up of some of the Top Madden Professional Players in the World! We have Bar none the Best Knowledgable Madden Minds out there and these Ebooks give us a chance to showcase that. We are inviting you into our brain as we break down all of the Top Madden 16 Defenses right now (7 total Formations Covered).
You will be getting Litezout’s Go To Defenses, Fiasco’s Go To Defenses, and Rich’s Go To Defenses. We all have different play styles and strategic ideas when scheming on Defense. This guide will give you the opportunity to check out our mindset and how we all individually are killing our opponents on the Defensive Side of the ball.  
Other competitive Madden sites have already been trying their hardest to figure out what we are running on Defense. We may be breaking down Formations that others have done, but we Promise no one can Duplicate our Great Content, Schemes, and Detailed breakdowns. Every play and setup is optimized with the Best possible way to use it.
WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL DOMINATE WITH THIS GUIDE. Good Players Will Become Great, and Great Players Will Become Elite on the Defensive Side of the Ball. Check out what we are Breaking Down below and also check out a FREE Nickel 335 Wide Defensive Scheme inside the Intro Video. ENJOY!
 madden daily madden 16 defensive ebook. New England Patriots and Multi D Defensive Ebook Guide


Here Are the Formations We Covered in our D-FLATION Guide:

  • Quarter Normal – Litezout’s Base Defense and arguably the Best Every Down Scheme in Madden 16. You can run this from 1st down all the way to 4th down with no worries and very few adjustments. You can dominate anyone with this scheme…. even if you are a Beginner!
  • Nickel 335 Odd – Since Quarter Normal is not in the Patriots playbook, we made sure we had a Formation just as good and effective in New England. 335 Odd is that set. It is another formation that has a great balance between pass and run defense. We love the fact that you can pass commit and lock up the run at the same time. It is a very glitchy formation in which we found 2 Man Outside Heat to Either side, and a 4 man Rush to get Dual Outside Pressure. This Kills Shotgun! We also give you an equally amazing Universal setup that kills any formation your opponent comes out in. We give you the necessary setups and adjustments to stop everything your opponent throws at you, whether it’s against the pass or run.
  • 43 Under – This is found in BOTH Multi and the Patriots playbook. 43 Under is a dominate Blitz Scheme that can also stop the run. It is a great Base Defense with several different methods and styles of setting it up. We cover a Simplified Dumb it Down Setup for the Beginners, to go along with top notch Advanced Schemes. This is another formation you can essentially use every down and lock up your opponent.
  • 34 Odd – This Formation is also found in BOTH Multi and the Patriots playbook. While 43 Under is Fiasco’s Base Defense, 34 Odd is Rich’s Base. We give you a ton of ways of using this Formation to it’s Full Effect. This is definitely another Dominate Blitz Scheme.
  • 34 Under and Nickel 245 DBL A Gap – These Formations are situational and complimentary Schemes to go with everything else we are running in this Amazing Defensive Guide.
  • Dime Normal – Just like Quarters, surprisingly Dime is a very good Run Defense in Madden 16. We cover every possible way to Blitz and play coverage out of this formation. We included Left Defensive End B Gap, Right Defensive End B Gap, Left Outside, Right Outside, and a video strictly designed to break down key adjustments depending on what coverage you are in! This is another one of Rich’s Base Defenses.


*** As We Now Work on Our Offensive Playbook, We Will Be Dropping Even More Defenses inside our Membership. Please know that you Do Not Need to Be Limited to Using Just the Multi D and Patriots Defensive Playbooks. Take whichever Formations you Liked the Best From This D-Flation Guide + Our Membership Defenses and then you can always use a Different Playbook that has those Formations. We wanted to make sure our First Ebook not only covered our Best Defenses, but also made sure it was versatile and covered a variety of different types of sets. ***



Madden 16 – Multi and New England D-Flation Guide Intro Video + Nickel 335 Wide FREE DEFENSIVE SCHEME! – Check it Out –  


THE D-FLATION GUIDE – FORMATION AND PLAY LISTING (All Plays Below Will Be Clickable After Purchase)

  1. Quarter Normal – Run Defense Breakdown + Dumb it Down Setup
  2. Quarter Normal – 3 and 4 Man Blitz + Intro to Advanced Setup
  3. Quarter Normal – 2 Man Defensive End B Gap Heat (Any Play)
  4. Quarter Normal – Dual Blitz Setup
  5. Nickel 335 Odd – Dual Blitz (4 Man Rush & 2 Defenders Come in FREE)
  6. Nickel 335 Odd – 2 Man Left Outside and 2 Man Right Outside Blitz
  7. Nickel 335 Odd – Left Outside Universal Defense (Kills UNDERCENTER)+ Dumb it Down Setup
  8. Nickel 335 Odd – Right Outside Universal Defense
  9. 43 Under – Intro Video + Dumb it Down Setup
  10. 43 Under – 3 Man DT A Gap Blitz Setup (Edge Sting)
  11. 43 Under – Defensive Tackle A Gap Blitz – Zone Variation
  12. 43 Under – 5 Man Blitz (Shifted Right)
  13. 43 Under – Undercenter Defense + Run Adjustments
  14. 34 Odd – Defensive End B Gap (Pinched)
  15. 34 Odd – Dual B Gap Heat (Pinched)
  16. 34 Odd – Under center Defensive End B Gap Heat (Spread)
  17.  34 Odd – Run Defense Adjustments
  18. 34 Under – Mike Scrape 3 Press Flipped
  19. Nickel 245 DBL A Gap – Dumb it Down Scheme
  20. Nickel 245 DBL A Gap – The Sugar Concept Scheme
  21. Dime Normal – Right Sided Defensive End B Gap Heat
  22. Dime Normal – Left Sided Defensive End B Gap Heat
  23. Dime Normal – Left Outside Heat
  24. Dime Normal – Right Outside Heat
  25. Dime Normal – Dual Outside Pressure
  26. Dime Normal – Coverage Adjustment Video
  27. Gameplay Vids





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