Cardinals Madden 16 Offensive Ebook – 3 WR / 1 TE / 1 RB SCHEME

Our Base Scheme for the Cardinals Offensive Playbook is going to be from using Gun Split Close and Gun Y Trips Wk. We also use some other plays from different formations that we will list here. With this scheme we will be quick hiking for the most part. What I mean by that is just making 1 or 2 adjustments at most and hiking the ball as fast as possible so our opponent cannot adjust.

We really love the Quick Audibles that Gun Split Close has to offer so we will be coming out in this set majority of the time. The play that we usually will come out in is FB Inside . We are using the TE Slot Package and subbing in our Best Running Back at the Full Back Position.


(This is a video from a previous membership video. We used Pitt playbook at the time but Cardinals have pretty much the same plays. Only play it doesn’t have is the 2nd HB Wheel play broken down)



FB Inside with a Fast Running Back is straight up Dominate. You can either quick hike this play or motion the Right Outside WR to the Left and hike him in the gap you want to hit as an additional blocker. If they sell out too much for the inside run and left run, that is when we will audible to Power O and run the ball to the right with our 2nd Best Running Back. Another run we like to use in this scheme is the Inside Zone from Gun Wing Trio Wk. Its a very quick audible from Split Close, and it gives us an Inside Zone Left (with FB Inside), and an Inside Zone Right (Gun Wing Trio Wk).


HB Wheel is the main passing play we like to use in this formation. The quick hike setup for this play is putting the Outside Right WR on a Fade Route. The Corner Route on the right will be open vs almost every single defense unless your opponent adjusts or manually plays it. Against Cover 3 and Cover 4, the Running Back will be open on his wheel route. Against Man and Cover 2, the Post Route really becomes a great option. The Skinny Post will get open in Man and Split the 2 High Safeties ; even in Cover 2 Zone. Overall this is a very simple to use great play with easy reads. The best thing about this play is you can quick hike it, it works against every defense, and it is a quick audible so you can still come out in FB Inside and use this play.

We also use the play PA F Slide and quick hike that as well. The only adjustment we make with that play is Streak X/Square and sometimes we will block the Left Running Back. Due to the newest madden patch, it will not be as easy to get a 1 play touchdown with that Left Streak Route. However everything else still works really nicely.



In Order to Stop Split Close, you need to have solid Run Defense to the middle and both outsides, you also need to have a purple zone on the right to stop the HB Wheel Corner Route, you need a single high deep blue to stop the HB Wheel Post, you need to have the running back manned up to stop the Wheel Route on the Left, and you need to stop the crossing routes from the PA F Slide play. It will not be easy for your opponent to stop; especially because we will be quick hiking.


Now to add to the scheme and make our opponent’s head hurt even more, we will sometimes no huddle and audible to Four Verticals from Gun Y Trips Wk. I find it very hard to believe that the same defense your opponent is using to stop Split Close, will also stop Four Verticals. We will be audibling to it and quick hiking as fast as possible before our opponent can adjust.


Not sure how we are running the Four Verticals Play? Check Out This Four Verticals Breakdown Video


Now What About When We Are Not Coming Out in Split Close? 

1 Play that we really love to come out in and works so well with this scheme is Corner Strike from the Gun Y Trips Wk Formation. This is another great quick hiking play. If our opponent has a defense that stops Split Close + Four Verticals, there’s no way they will also be able to stop Corner Strike.


Corner Strike Breakdown 



Other Plays Used in 3 WR Scheme :

  1. Gun Y trips Wk – HB Slip Screen
  2. Gun Bunch HB Strong – Verticals (No Adjustments)
  3. Gun Bunch HB Strong – Verticals  ( Drag Tight End, In Route B/Circle)
  4. Gun Bunch HB Strong – PA Bunch Shot ( Block Running Back) – B/Circle’s Crossing Route will destroy zone, small crossing route kills man, Post can get open in man, and finally the Tight End will get open against man on his delay route.
  5. Gun Bunch HB Strong – PA Bunch Shot Cover 4 Bomb – Curl Route RB/R1, Streak Running Back and motion him left. Roll out to the right and look for the Post Route. B/Circle on his crossing route should also be open against zone.