Playing defense in Madden 13 can be frustrating at times. The offense is at a huge advantage in this game. The problem is pretty much all of the best routes can be hot routed in any play or any formation. If you’re a regular on the site, you should know how effective streaks, fades, and drag routes are in this game. However, whip routes and curl routes are also super effective. Even slants and outs can be used. All of the best players are just finding formations that are positioned in a way that the receivers and tight ends are unbumpable. Mix that in with some corner routes, double moves, and qb blasts and you have everything you need for a quality passing game. Then in the run game, stretch runs and counters both work extremely well. It’s impossible to stop everything if ran to perfection so get that out of your head now. However, even the best madden players make tons of mistakes. Your job is to come up with a scheme that enhances the chance of your opponent making that mistake.

Before getting into details about creating a scheme, one thing needs to be mentioned. The audible feature in Madden 13 severely needs to be addressed. When audibling to a different defensive play during a game, there is a delay if you try to base align or show blitz. You should have your best run defense, a defense to stop the qb blast, a defense that stops streaks to the tight end, and maybe a cover 4 play as well. I also like to have a cover 2 play that has flats and purple zones in my audibles because of how effective the curl flat combo is. With how fast and easy it is to no huddle and quick hike, the plays you have in your audibles should all be extremely fast set ups. You won’t have the time to make many adjustments once you audible.

Speaking of time, when creating a scheme, you must make sure the play you come out in can be setup fast as well. It’s hard to find heat in Madden 13, but it’s even harder to find something quick and worth using in a real game. Some players can only do 2 or 3 adjustments per play, while some may be able to do 10. The key is going into practice mode and learning the clicks and how to scroll through the players quickly. Once you’re comfortable with the adjustments, you will be ready to run the defenses in game.

Like we said prior, it is hard to audible around to different defenses throughout the game. In Madden 13, it is better to adjust out of one base defensive play, than to adjust out of multiple different coverages. With that said, you must decide which coverage you want to use as a base. If you’re a conservative style player, I would advise to run a 2 man under max coverage, or a Cover 4 defense. If you’re an aggressive player, I would advise mixing in cover 0 and cover 2 defenses. Cover 3 is a good medium to use if you are neutral in you’re stance. Check out Clay’s article for more in depth details of play calling in Madden 13.

No matter what coverage or shell you use, you must know how to blitz out of it as well. Most Madden players like defenses that are symmetrical. This way you can blitz from the left or the right and your opponent will never know because both sides look the same. Typically you must send 5 rushers to get heat to come off one side, and 6 rushers to come free off both sides. You can also limit the rushers by using contains and spy’s to manipulate the offensive line. You also generally need 6 rushers to get A gap heat up the middle. So far we found the most success blitzing off of one side in a cover 3 shell, and both sides in a cover 0. If you have to leave one thing open during the game, it should be the flats or the short middle of the field. Four yards and a hit stick is sadly perfect defense in this game. If you leave the flats open all game, your opponent will get comfortable. Then on a key down you can blitz 6 but put your corners in flat zones. All we did was place the bait (flats unguarded) and then just pick our spot on when to wheel our opponent in. This tactic can easily confuse even the best madden players. This is just one example of many to get your opponent to make a mistake.

Overall, I’m not just saying to run one defensive play all game. When your team gets to the huddle, it is good to mix in different defensive coverages and heat. But….. be prepared to stay in one defense all game just because of the no huddling factor. Having multiple adjustments in your main base defense will really save you precious time that you may not have otherwise. Of course the base D will NOT stop everything, but that’s where your (fast set-up) audibles chime in.

I hope you enjoyed this read. Please comment below with your thoughts and any feedback pertaining to the article. The more positive comments that are posted, the more likely I will do another blog similar to this in the next couple of days. Thank you and keep continuing to support Madden Daily!