We are back at it with another Dumb it Down play. This time we are generating B Gap Heat off of both sides in the Dime Normal Formation. What more can you ask for while using only 3 or less adjustments? Here’s the Setup:

Dime Normal – Double Safety Blitz

1. Crash the Defensive Line Out – Left on the Dpad + Up on the Right Analog Stick
2. Re blitz both Defensive Ends

Optional – If you put the Free Safety in Coverage, The Strong Safety will still come in up the B Gap, and vice versa.

– You can make this a Cover 2 Man Look by Putting both Safeties in Deep Blues – Down on the Dpad + Up on the Right Analog Stick, then Shade Coverage Out – Up on the Dpad + Up on the Right Analog Stick

Overall, this blitz is really good because it’s fast to setup, and it’s one of the few defenses in Madden that you can get 2 guys to come up both B Gaps at the same time.


  1. Your LBs better be able to cover a slot receiver. Someone with good pass lead abilities can tear you up if you do this. I have experienced that. Anymore Dum it Downs coming out for NCAA13?