madden 25 multi d ebook

We have officially launched our Madden 25 Multiple Defensive Ebook.  BUY IT NOW FOR $19.99 !!! In this guide there are 33 videos with an abundance of plays and variations covered. We also have break down when and why to call every single play that we covered! We break down 4 base formation schemes you can use, defenses specifically designed to destroy the run game, and defenses strictly to send the heat on pass downs. This defensive ebook covers everything!

Madden Daily loves the Multiple Defensive EBook because it has every formation we need! Here are the formations we cover in the ebook: 34 Odd, 34 Solid, 43 Stack, 43 Odd, 52, Goal Line, Dime, Nickel Strong, Nickel 335 Sam Even, Quarters Normal, and Quarters 3 Deep.

Many people feel hopeless on defense and lost their desire to play the game because of it. Well this ebook is going to bring back your passion for Madden. We show you the correct way on playing defense in Madden 25. We show you how to make up for bad purple zone AI, How to lock down on 4th and 1 (not just QB Sneak), how to lock down the popular Pistol and Shotgun runs, and also how to get heat when your opponent is blocking out of Play Action plays. We even show and explain maximizing your coverage while getting nice pressure at the QB. I promise after mastering this ebook, you will no longer feel like you have to score every single down on Offense. This is going to give you much more confidence on the defensive side of the ball.

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KC Off Ebook

Our Madden 25 Kansas City Arrow Head Offensive Ebook is Officially Out! We cover 40+ plays with written breakdowns, screenshots, and multimedia videos. We also breakdown 3 different schemes for this playbook. Fiasco’s Online Scheme without audibles, Litezout’s Online scheme with audibles, and our Tournament tested Offline Tourney Scheme. Fiasco was the runner up of the biggest tournament of the year so far, and he did not get stopped at all using this exact scheme!


Here are the Formations that we broke down: (14 Total)

1. Singleback Y Trips

2. Shotgun Y Trips Wk

3. Shotgun Y Trips (Hidden Formation)

4. Shotgun Doubles Weak

5. Shotgun Empty Chief

6. Singleback Chiefs Doubles

7. Shotgun Normal Y Slot

8. Shotgun Bunch Wk

9. Shotgun Bunch Wk Empty (Hidden Formation)

10. Shotgun Trey Open

11. Shotgun Empty Trey

12. Shotgun Bunch Quads

13. I Form Tight Pair

14. Wild Cat














The Green Bay eBook is finally here!!! This E-Book covers Green Bay Packers offensive playbook.


The formations we cover in the book are:

– Shotgun Doubles Flex Wing

– Shotgun Bunch Str / Normal

– Shotgun Doubles Flex

– Shotgun Doubles

–  Singleback Ace

– Singleback Tight Flex

– I Form Tight Pair

This isn’t an E-book that is a bunch of money plays with no purpose. This is a full out scheme. In fact, we have 3 different written variations of how the scheme can be ran (Rushing Attack, Balanced, and All Out Air Attack)

Along with that, we have video breakdowns of our blitz block protection scheme against all of Madden 13’s best blitzes.

We even have a inside the five/ 2 point conversion scheme. This scheme gives you the ability to get 2 every time!

AND, if you purchase the E-Book you are entered into a tournament held on XBox 360 on Saturday March 30th, 2013 for $100!!! This tournament will solely be for those who purchase the eBook.

Given the time of year we felt it was important to make it affordable for everyone. We want you to the see quality of work we put into our E-Books. We want to prove to you all that we make the best Madden guides out there.  The tournament we are holding is a token of our appreciation for our loyal customers. Thank you.

So how much for this?

ALL THIS FOR $8.99!!!! Yes, $8.99



We are proud to announce the launch of our first E-Book under the Madden Daily brand. This E-Book will cover the Chicago defensive playbook.

Chicago Defensive E-Book

The formations we cover throughout the E-Book include:

– 43-Stack

– 43-Over

– 43-Under

– 46 Normal

– 416

– Nickel Normal

– Nickel Wide 9

– Dime Normal

– Quarters Normal

– Quarters 3 Deep

AND 3 NEW DEFENSIVE CONCEPTS which can be incorporated in ALL FORMATIONS

We broke down 34 total plays in this e book. This includes 14 Dumb it Down plays, 3 New Madden 13 Concepts, and 17 Advanced plays. However, with different variations for different situations it comes out to 40+ Plays!

Along with these formations we will also add a few more plays throughout the rest of the Madden Season!!!

*** We also included a GAMEPLAY video of how Litezout utilizes this scheme as he breaks down the entire defensive side of the ball***

Along with the video, Litezout and Fiasco both explain how they personally like to play on the defensive side of the ball. This includes their 5 audibles and what formations they like to come out in for each situation.

Whether you are a novice Madden player who can make minimal adjustments or a hardcore player there is a ton of information you can learn from this E-Book. It caters to everyone regardless of your Madden skill.