If you are a Madden head like myself you can’t wait for next year’s Madden 1…25! EA Sports has announced today that next years edition of Madden will be known as Madden 25. ¬†EA Sports has decided to go with “Madden 25” to commemorate the upcoming franchise’s 25th year anniversary.

The game is slated to launch August 27th, 2013. Long gone are the days of an early August release it seems.

Along with all this great news, EA has decided to shake up the cover vote once more. The cover vote will consist of two 32-Man tournament-style brackets. One bracket will contain 32 of the NFL’s premiere stars, meanwhile the other bracket will consist of former NFL legends. The winner of each bracket will go Head to Head to determine who will be the cover athlete.

If you’re like us at Madden Daily, you can’t wait to play Madden 25. We would like to know what are some of the improvements you would like to see in Madden 25? Voice your opinion.




  1. Make the draft actually set up with the current stars of the ncaa of this year…like how genome smith is going to the draft this year he should be in the draft after completing your first season on Madden 13

    • u cant its illegal to use ncaa players names in the draft until they have signed a nfl contract ie why ncaa football games dont have the names just numbers