-12 Team League Mock Draft

-Point Per Reception Format (PPR)

-Starters: QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,RB/WR Flex,TE,K,DEF





1st Pick: Decided to take Darren McFadden over Chris Johnson, a debate many fantasy owners will face at pick 5 this season(McFadden,Johnson, or Forte). McFadden has been labeled as injury prone, but his injuries haven’t been significant career deteriorating setbacks. Besides, when McFadden plays, he is as explosive as the leagues best rushers.

2nd Pick: When I saw Jamal Charles fall to me, I instantly took him without hesitation. The slew of receivers taken in front of my pick made it possible for him to fall this far down in round 2, not something that will usually happen. With almost a full year to rehab his knee injury (ACL), he should be in great game shape come week 1. Only danger coming with this pick is we don’t know how Peyton Hillis will play and how that will affect Charles red zone carries.

3rd: Pick: Fred Jackson was having a superb season in 2011 before suffering a broken leg. It wasn’t a serious fracture, but nonetheless cut his season short. Being medically cleared since February, Jackson has been ready to hit the field for quite some time now. Although, CJ Spiller filled in nicely, the Buffalo backfield belongs to Fred Jackson and look for him to continue to produce at a high rate next season.

4th Pick: Was hoping Dez Bryant would fall, but he was taken 2 picks before my turn. It then turned into a debate between Steve Smith or Marques Colston, which ultimately I chose Colston. I understand Steve Smith and Cam Newton showed incredible chemistry last season, but i decided to go with the younger, more sure thing in a more pass happy offense with one of the games best throwing to him. If I had drafted Darren Sproles instead of Charles in round 2, I would have selected Steve Smith here.

5th Pick: Wasn’t expecting Percy Harvin to be there, but when Demaryius Thomas and Antonio Brown (who I like) were selected early in the 5th round, Harvin became a real possibility. Harvin’s durability and playmaking ability always make him a great asset to any fantasy football team. Harvin had a minor scare in training camp, but  will be ready for Week 1.

6thPick: Jeremy Maclin. Another great value pick in the 6th round. I debated between Stevie Johnson and Jeremy Maclin, but Maclin’s offseason training camp reviews have been nothing short of outstanding, and barring any injury, he will be a major fantasy stud this upcoming season. After this pick, I felt extremely comfortable with a trio of Colston, Harvin, and Maclin.

7th Pick: Matt Ryan. Already with 3 RBs and 3 WRs if was time to snag a QB. Getting a QB of Matt Ryan’s caliber in the 7th round of a 12 team draft is an excellent value pick. As you can see, the theme of a successful draft is value! From here, I can draft two more QBs who will sit behind Ryan, but also have the chance to breakout and be my sleeper steal.

8th Pick: Should have picked tight end Brandon Pettigrew here but, went with WR Robert Meachem for more depth at WR position. This was my first draft mishap of the night. However, in my defense, Meachem is now the go to guy in San Diego, so the ability to breakout and have a big year is always lurking.

9th Pick: My 8th round mistake didn’t end up haunting me after all, as I was able to draft Brandon Pettigrew as my 9th pick. Coming off a season with 82 receptions in a dynamic offense with one of the games rising stars in Matthew Stafford throwing to him, I’d feel very comfortable with getting Pettigrew as my starting tight end this late.

10th Pick: I felt now was the time to get a quality backup QB who can virtually fill in whenever needed. I decided on Jay Cutler for two reasons; new weapons on offense and a new offensive coordinator. Cutler has a chance to put up respectable numbers next season, so picking him as my spot starter was a great choice.

11th Pick: Had some trouble debating which RB to take here. Ultimately, I decided on Tim Hightower as a solid option, in case the Evan Royster experiment doesn’t pan out in Washington. Hightower is recovering from injury, but should be ready to go within the first few weeks of the season, the latest. Most likely wouldn’t start the first few games for my fantasy team anyway, so taking a gamble on him is a risk I would be willing to take this late.

12th Pick: This is probably going to be my spot where I can find a sleeper TE who can have a big year. I was hoping Jared Cook of the Titans would fall here, but settled for rookie Coby Fleener instead. I don’t feel terrible about this pick because Fleener has the potential to be one of the games best TE’s. Also, he has already great chemistry with college teammate Andrew Luck, and he isn’t my starting TE , so if he struggles I can always drop him for a better player.

13th Pick: With my team already taking shape, I decided to scoop up another QB who has a lot to prove this season. If Joe Flacco can have a good start to his season and a team who lacks QB depth needs a QB, I instantly have trade bait with Cutler or Flacco. Some people are opposed to drafting 3 QB’s in a draft (especially if you get a top 5 QB), but if you search for value in every pick and wait on your QB’s, you are bound to strike gold with a lower drafted player who can have a major year.

14th Pick: Here, I just took whichever defense I thought was the best available. I stress never reach for a defense before you have to make the pick in the 14th round. You will lose more quality bench players who have the potential to breakout. Besides, if you’re in a 12 team league, you’re guaranteed to have a top 12 defense.

15th: Your last pick should always be a kicker. Look for a kicker who has been consistent his whole career and who is on a team which has the potential to score points. Pretty obvious.

***Full Roster***

QB: Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco

RB: Darren McFadden, Jamal Charles, Fred Jackson, Tim Hightower

WR: Marques Colston, Percy Harvin, Jeremy Maclin, Robert Meachem

TE: Brandon Pettigrew, Coby Fleener

K: Robbie Gould

DEF: Denver Broncos


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