The Green Bay eBook is finally here!!! This E-Book covers Green Bay Packers offensive playbook. Buy Now for ONLY $8.99

The formations we cover in the book are:

– Shotgun Doubles Flex Wing

– Shotgun Bunch Str / Normal

– Shotgun Doubles Flex

– Shotgun Doubles

–  Singleback Ace

– Singleback Tight Flex

– I Form Tight Pair

This isn’t an E-book that is a bunch of money plays with no purpose. This is a full out scheme. In fact, we have 3 different written variations of how the scheme can be ran (Rushing Attack, Balanced, and All Out Air Attack)

Along with that, we have video breakdowns of our blitz block protection scheme against all of Madden 13’s best blitzes.

We even have a inside the five/ 2 point conversion scheme. This scheme gives you the ability to get 2 every time!

AND, if you purchase the E-Book you are entered into a tournament held on XBox 360 on Saturday March 30th, 2013 for $100!!! This tournament will solely be for those who purchase the eBook.

Given the time of year we felt it was important to make it affordable for everyone. We want you to the see quality of work we put into our E-Books. We want to prove to you all that we make the best Madden guides out there.  The tournament we are holding is a token of our appreciation for our loyal customers. Thank you.

So how much for this?

ALL THIS FOR $8.99!!!! Yes, $8.99

(Purchase on Right)



    • Try scrolling the bar on the bottom to the farthest right. Then looking at the scroll bar on the right in the middle next to your window(internet browser bar). I thought it had trouble loading to until this. Hope it helps.

  1. Had a problem with my card & paypal charged me $1( now i have 8 on that card ) Anyway i could pay you guys with 2 cards?

  2. I bought the Ebook and its giving me the book its saying the place where you get it from its down.can you send me the book?

    • I’m confused on what you mean by the place where you got the ebook is down. After you bought it from paypal, you should have received an email to whatever email is linked to your paypal. In the email you will receive a download link to the ebook and a username code and password. Also, when using the ebook you must have internet connection.

    • you should be able to post in the forums now let me know… post your Xbox Live GT in the Free $100 Thread and you will be good to go