Streaks to the tight end are definitely what’s trending right now in the Madden Community. Since we feel responsible for this, we wanted to show everyone our way of stopping this tactic. If you haven’t seen our post on how unstoppable streaks are, click here.

The problem with these streaks is that you can throw them with inside or outside precision. This all depends on the positioning of the defender who is guarding the tight end. If he is playing to the outside of the tight end, you can throw to the inside and vice versa. The best way in my opinion to stop this tactic is to give our opponent inside position. This means the only way they can throw this route is if they precision the pass to the middle of the field. Now all we need to do is either manually guard the middle, or have a hook zone in the area. Here are two plays that we like to use to stop this cheesy tactic.

Dime Normal – Cover 1 Press

– This play is already setup to stop the streaks and fade routes. In Dime, our slot DB’s always will have outside position, and the MLB can guard both streaks at the same time. We are sending 4 rushers, however, you can put whomever you want on the dline in coverage. This defense would work perfect with a team that has really good corner backs on the outside.

Dime Normal – 2 Man Under

– Put the MLB in a yellow hook zone (Right on the Dpad + Up on the Right Stick)
– Spread your MLB up (Right on the Dpad + Up on the Dpad)

You can also play max coverage with the defense if you would like to as well.

Stopping Fade Routes to the Tight End

– All you have to do to stop fade routes to the tight end is to make sure your defender has outside position presnap. This applies to both Dime defenses which means we won’t have to worry about 2 of the biggest offensive exploits in the game!

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