Hey Guys, just filling you in on this week’s Premium tips. We are making a conscious effort to make sure every single Membership Week is top notch and must see material. We had a bunch of ideas on things we could post but it all really came together a few hours ago and we’re very happy with the end result. We wanted to incorporate a Defensive Week that would go with whats Hot in the community + making it our own and adding to our Bengals guide. The most popular blitz concept in the Madden Community is the Cross Fire blitz. Everyone is doing it from 34. We figured out our own MD setup to work with 43 Under. Not only that, we made a complete scheme around it and boy is it FIRE. We felt like this scheme was perfect for the Membership Tips as it is new content, but also more Defense from the Bengals Playbook (for the guys that bought our Brand New Hell In A Cell Ebook). A couple people said they were having some issues with our 43 Under Show Blitz Scheme in our EBook. Those same people will be extremely happy with this week’s 43 Under. We apologize for the wait on these vids as we are just finishing small tweaks to the scheme. All of the vids will be completed early tomorrow for Week 30 and we promise it will be worth the wait and we won’t disappoint. Check back tomorrow afternoon and have a great night!