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We are the some of the Best Players in the World and have some of the highest IQs / Best Madden Minds out there. We are highly prepared and are fully detailed with our Tip Videos and Schemes. No site could ever match the quality that we put into our Premium Tip Videos. That is not a shot at our competition; we are just really good at what we do! We are the Best of Both Worlds you would want in a Tips Site. We’re the Best Players (Stiff is the current Madden Champion / Best Player in the World and Litez made it to the Semi Finals of the Biggest Tournament last year only losing to Stiff). We are also the Best Coaches you could find to teach and give you the necessary knowledge to excel and take your Madden game to that next level.

We set the trend and meta or what works and why it works in Madden 17. If there is anything New or Hot online that we might have missed, we will make sure we cover it in our Membership and show you how to stop that blitz or play , and then show how to make it even better by bringing you our take and twist on it.


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  • Tips on What is Hot in the Community – You will never feel out of the loop or blind sighted by a Blitz or Scheme. As the meta of Madden 17 changes, we will address and keep you posted at all times. Quite frankly, you will be at a disadvantage if you are Not a Madden Daily Premium Member this year.
  • Deals and Promotional Codes to get Discounts and Free Gameplans at (where our Ebooks Now Are)
  • You will be getting Previews and Free Plays or entire Formations from upcoming Offensive and Defensive Gameplans/Ebooks
  • Private Forums – Communicate With the Madden Daily Staff and Also Fellow Madden Daily Premium Members. You can ask us questions, start a topic on something you seen in an online match, or even help out and give your own tips to our Madden Daily Community. Communication will be much better this year with the brand new addition of our MD Forum Team!
  • Forum Focus Tips – We are going to be monitoring the Forum each day seeing exactly what our community is conversating about. If there is a New Hot Blitz or Money Play that everyone is talking about, we will address it in our Member Tips. This will be done by either showing how to stop or how to make that play/blitz/concept better!
  • How to Stop Tips – This is going to be our Bread and Butter this year. We will be showing How to Stop certain plays, formations, or even playbooks depending on what is really effective in this game and the year goes on.



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