What is Dumb it Down? Dumb it Down is Madden Daily’s new series where we break down Madden 13 plays (both offense and defense) while only using a maximum of 3 adjustments per play. All setups will be quick, easy, and simple while maintaining great quality. This segment is going to be perfect for new novice or casual players that don’t like plays with a long and frustrating setup. The second play we’re going to take a look at is Free Fire out of the 43 Stack Formation.

43 Stack – Free Fire

This defense is considered a cover 0 (no one playing deep coverage) while generating a blitz to the left A gap. Even though we are sending 6 guys, the beauty of this blitz is that even if our opponent blocks a running back, the blitz will still effectively come in. Make sure you listen to the video carefully, as I explain why my last statement is correct.

a)Base/Man Align – Up on the Dpad + Right on the Dpad
b)Show Blitz – Up on the Dpad + Left on the Dpad

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