What is Dumb it Down? Dumb it Down is Madden Daily’s new series where we break down Madden 13 plays (both offense and defense) while only using a maximum of 3 adjustments per play. All setups will be quick, easy, and simple while maintaining great quality. This segment is going to be perfect for new novice or casual players that don’t like plays with a long and frustrating setup. The first play where going to take a look at is SS Snake 3 Stay out of the 43 Stack Formation.

43 Stack – SS Snake 3 Stay

This defense has a cover 3 shell while generating a blitz to the right B gap. For a 5 man rush, the coverage is actually pretty nice with 3 deep blues, 2 purple curl flat zones, and a yellow hook zone guarding the middle. It also surprisingly works as a good run defense as well.

a) Show Blitz – Up on the Dpad + Left on the Dpad
b) Re Blitz the Right Defensive Tackle – Scroll to the DT and press Down on the Dpad + Down on the Dpad

If we receive good feedback on this play we will then show you another blitz out of this formation with the same look. Only next time, the blitz is going to come from the opposite side!

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  1. i have become a fan of the “Madden daily” movement. Keep the juice coming from the 4-3, i run with the Jags so its much need material. “Salute”