This is a gameplay video of Fiasco vs Litezout of MaddenDaily.com


  1. Im sure I would smash Fiasco! Litezout would be a good gm for me with the Jets. That D is real! I want to play against both of you all

    • Oh how I love the Jets D in this game lol they’re ridiculous.. Their offense is ok .. we have so much speed at WR. Also, I think you have to use Tebow if you want to be successful with them. Sanchez is almost worse on Madden then he is in real life lmao

    • he got me earlier in the year too =/ .. he’s 2-0 vs me so far with the games recorded to youtube. I’m not pissed though, I just know that he will rub it in every now and then lol

  2. That was a good one. I want to see someone actually pass. I dont mean passing up open recievers just to hit the RB in flats or WR in at the TE position. I need some comp. I just started on the 360 and 7gms later I wanna go back to the glitchy PS3 version so I can play better people faster. Starting from scratch sucks. Litezout Lets play! im ready