To get Dontay Moch at the position he is in in the video put him at MLB #2 in the depth Chart.

My defensive depth chart for Bengals:

LE: Dunlap LOLB: Lawson     MLB#2: Moch      FS: Nelson
RE: Johnson    ROLB: Howard     CB 1: Newman    SS: Mays
DT: Adkins       MLB#1: Maluaga  CB 2: Hall

This is our fourth episode of our “Road to Top 100” series! In this game, I (fiasco) am using the Cincinnati Bengals in a 3-4 type scheme I created with them out of Houston defense. Also using San Francisco offensive book.

The reasoning behind the way I play with the Bengals is because they have a tremendous amount of speed on defense which stops the run naturally! This gives me the ability to focus on pass defense. Also, I can use Moch’s insane speed as the player i move around with.

What playbooks/formations would you like to see used in a game? Let me know.


  1. Great video. How do you set up that blitz out of the 3-4 over? I think you used sting pinch or pinch zone. The blitz brought heat from the right nside of the line, and it looked like you spyed the left of screen DE or DT. It also, appeared that you had good coverage. Can you share how to set that up?

  2. I saw that too mike. He spread the LB’s, I believe he pinched the line, spyed all 3 D-lineman. Contained both mlbs, And you probably have to reblitz both OLB’s. Never seen any blitz like that this year. Sorry if I gave some stuff away but this was pretty crazy

  3. Hey man love the blitz u have for 34. And can u try doing the defensive formation nickel psycho? I’d really appreciate it if u do..

  4. That could not have been SF playbook as you said in the video. SF does not have Ace Close or Tight Slots???? What gives??

  5. Anyway to get some tips outside of hoping you use it in video? Looking for tips on Atlanta playbook. Mainly Singleback and Gun or whatever formations you know is most effective.