This is episode 7 of the road to top 100 series. I (Litezout) was the Jets using the Eagles offensive playbook. Feel free to ask any questions you want.


    • An IP Booter is someone who can some how boot you off your internet. You then lose network connection, thus meaning you get DC’d from the game and receive a loss. I think it’s a program that they use but not really sure to be honest. By the way, did you register for our Forums yet? It’s much easier to communicate with everyone on there.

  1. Im havin trouble throwing an inside pass lead to an outside wr on a fade route…i always seem to throw it too far inside and the wr cant get it or ill throw it too deep and the lurkin safety will pick it…seems like everybody else can throw the dot but me…i heard u say in one video that u will always take the fade rt…am i pass leading too hard? Can u walk me through it?

    • what team do you use? I throw it no problem with Tebow, but ironically I used the Texans last game and Schaub overthrew the fade too much to the inside like you just explained and I got picked. Maybe it has something to do with a certain QB stat?

  2. That’s the problem with playing online too often in Madden or other competitive games: sometimes you start falling into a pattern that easily beats other online players. But when a good player recognizes that pattern and shuts it down (all those user picks!) you have to try a different strategy, and he didn’t have one.

    • I agree with you. This applies to real life situations as well. When people get comfortable, they get lazy and develop negative patterns. That’s when reality checks happen. You see it in sports all of the time. I bet you this game got him even better though. I seen now he’s ranked #3 in the world.