In Madden everyone is looking for that much needed edge in order to gain victories. Many ballers achieve this by playing with the best team. I’d say, if it were legal, many would play with the Canton Greats on and offline.  A fair weather fan is a person who declares his/her designation to one team, but when their team starts losing they jump ship. One of today’s most popular and insightful Madden heads, SGibs from prima games explained in a tips segment outlining the teams that are most advantageous were “the 49ers and Seahawks”. This is a true statement in regard to the team’s talent across the board. However, it’s possible to win with your home team if you have one.

During this season I grew ever weary as a Jets fan playing with a suspect Mark Sanchez as his stats began to decrease as the season wore on. In a conversation I had with a friend whose baller name is Reign, a Madden loyalist. I told him that I was going to play with another team; a team with a better QB! I’ve known him for years, so it was no surprise when he said, ” Man, play with your team. The reason why we play with our team is because we want to do things that our real life organizations aren’t doing. Before you decide to abandon your team, you must exhaust all means; ensuring your players are in the best possible position for success.” He then asked, “If you play with the best team, are you going to win every game?” My response was “No” and he ended with “play with your team”.

I understood immediately that playing with your team may cause you some sweat; but, in the end it will be all worth it. Also, just because I play with the best team doesn’t mean I’ll win every game. We live in the steroid era; whereby, everyone wants the quick fix and no one wants to work for the sustained results. Trust me, I know it’s hard and I love to win. But, I also love it when someone is playing with the Niners and I “swack” them up with the Jets because I know things about my team that they don’t. This is the reason I’m ranked 254 online (1stdown2tds) and still climbing the leader boards.

Just a few quick tips for being successful with a below par team:

Know your players individual attributes and exploit match-ups. For example, your OLB has below average awareness, good speed and high block shed. On blitzes you must find a way to get him matched up on blocking running backs and TE’s, ensuring he sheds blocks quickly to sack the QB.

Develop a scheme that accentuates your teams strength and masked there weaknesses. For example, your O-Lines run block is high across the board; however, their run block footwork is bad. This means you will need to shy away from plays that involve pulling guards and such like it. The reason for this is because your lineman’s footwork attributes to the ability or inability to gain a block in space.

Ensure the play books you pick fit your personnel. This is self explanatory. Don’t air out if you don’t have the weapons to do so.

Finally, Madden is a game and we all enjoy it. However, a lot of us live vicariously through diligently application of principles our own organizations just will not do. So, just because you team doesn’t have Tom Terrific Brady and instead they have Morbid Mark Sanchez doesn’t mean that you play with your division rivals. It just means you have to work harder to get Morbid Mark to look like Meticulous Mark.

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  1. I’m playing madden online and a madden game in general in 5 years. Hella getting into it as before I just a few games but I’m a huuuge 49ers fan ( Im from and live in sf) and they have been shit the previous 10 years so I don’t feel bad about using them. Now tha they are good. They are my team πŸ™‚ go niners , sf giants and gs warriors. ( I only use the sf giants in MLB 2k πŸ™‚ my team

    • Niners are legit man.. In real life and in Madden. Don’t know what happened this past week against the Giants though πŸ˜‰

  2. My Team is the Raiders – I have always used them. This year is awesome because all the bandwagoners finally left since we shedded so much speed and the game relies heavily on CIT which we are lacking. But I’m 7-3 (6 game win streak) and love it when I beat one of the “chosen” teams. LOL>

    • lol yeah this is the first year that no one is really using the Raiders. Their offense is still really fast and good but that defense is average at best.

  3. I love the 49ers been a fan since I was in middles school 92′. I stay in Houston so I never been a Oilers/Titans fan nor Texans even though they winning now. I cant win for losing.

    • I have a lot of respect for the Niner Fans that stuck with them during their bad years. Now it’s only right for them to be one of the best teams in the NFL again. They’ve been a great franchise overall though.

  4. This is the story of My life. I’m also a Jets fan and yes Sanchez is Crazy dificult to use, but what I’ve found is that the Jets just offer to many other intangibles. Such as DeMario Davis. He come of the bench as an overall 64, but is the second fastest LB only behind Patrick Willis and can Spy almost any QB. Stephen Hill is one of the fastest WR’s in the game too. You just have to learn to get past Sanchez and his terrible play and stick with em. It’s just way more fun this way. Now what changes things is when Money is on the line and in tournaments.

    • you couldn’t be more right my friend. Just like you and Clay, I’m a Jets fan as well. Tebow takes 90% of the snaps for me though because he gives me a competitive advantage with his speed and toughness that Sanchez doesn’t offer. The main problem for me with the Jets is the RB situation. Greene is too slow and McKnight coughs up the ball too much.

  5. Been a Charger fan all my life. Mainly because of them drafting Brees, and the fact he went to Purdue (Live right down the street from campus) along with Tomlinson, too. Loved using them from Madden 07 through Madden 10. Their O is still pretty nice even without V. Jackson, but their secondary just doesn’t get it done for me without Cromartie back there anymore. Maybe I’ll give them another shot this year.