Madden Daily is here to let you know that EA Sports just released a complete running back ratings list for Madden 13. Maurice Jones Drew getting the number 1 spot is the biggest surprise at first glance. Despite injuries, Adrian Peterson and Darren McFadden are arguably the best two running backs in the game still. You can also make a case that Foster is the best as well. All three have a great amount of speed and truck, but Foster will have the higher carry of the three. Speaking of speed, Chris Johnson remains a human hedgehog with his 99 speed and sonic-like spin moves. I feel that they could have given McCoy, Forte, and Rice one more click of speed each; however they are still great backs overall in Madden. If you are in a league and need to draft a great Madden running back in the later rounds, I would go after DeMarco Murray. He is ranked 34th in the game, yet has the ratings like he’s a top 5 back. Also make sure you try out Trent Richardson, the rookie from Alabama. I know there’s some Browns fans on our Twitter. If you want to win with Cleveland, the offense needs to run through him.

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Madden Daily runningback ratings

Overall RB Ratings for Madden 13