In this Road to the Top 100, I decided not to bring out the Jets with the Eagles playbook. I wanted to mix things up, and also wanted to show the effectiveness of my last tips (Run, Run, Pass and Fake Spike). I decided to try out the Houston Texans with the Pass Balanced Offensive Playbook. My opponent, MrMax24, is using the 49ers with a custom offensive playbook. Mr Max 24 is currently in the Top 100 on Xbox and we are just outside of the Top 100 so it should be a great game. Enjoy!

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  1. You had it…I made bad play calls on a ranked game last nigh that cost me too. Face up a TD on a punt and kickoff. The punt was stupid, should have kicked it out of bounds.

  2. love these – short, sweet and no bad mouthing the opponents when they play well. Appreciate the honesty of when you make bad plays and it’s great to get into your game thoughts as you go back through it.

  3. Add me IRageSoHard73! I want to be great at Madden like these guys and
    want to learn more so if you have tips or wanna play feel free to add me
    but I like how these guys play!