Rule #10: Reserve Madden 13

No one wants to be behind the proverbial eight-ball. You walk into Game-Stop requesting to purchase a copy of Madden 13 on the day of its release (28 August 2012) and all copies have been reserved. So, there’s none available for you. The cashier offers to call another store to check for lonely, unreserved copies of Madden. Finally, he tells you that there’s a copy in Egypt , but you have to fly 12 hours to pick it up. All right, all right, enough with the drama. . . I think you get the picture. You must have the game in order capitalize on the next rule.

Rule #9: Free up your schedule

You’re aware of the date, 28 August 2012, now you must clear up your schedule. Hopefully, by now you’ve saved up enough leave days or maybe you have a few sick days in the bag. Whatever your plan is, it must revolve around wiping clean at least 24 to 48 hours of uninterrupted game play. For my young-ins, you might want to start developing that light cough, so mom will be none the wiser. By the time the game comes out you have a full blown “bird flu”.

Rule #8: Pick up Madden @ Midnight

The early bird gets the worm and if you snooze you lose, literally. Every second of experience counts. So, you’ll gain an extra 4 to 12 hours of gameplay, which could serve as a valuable growth period. This is also the time that you scour the booklet and tutorials to search for the new-new additions and controls.

Rule #7: Search Rosters for hidden gems

Though, certain ratings have been released for various Madden media outlets, it is imperative that you check the rosters for those hidden gems. For example: a few years ago the Raiders had a cornerback, D. Brown, on the roster with unbelievable speed, size and jumping ability; however, his overall was lacking. He was a cross between Pat Watkins and Usain Bolt. The kid was blazing. The hidden gems will help you determine where you are going with the next rule.

Rule #6: Search Playbooks and Pick a Team

Some would say that “it’s the scheme not the team”. Tell that to the Browns or the Vikings and they’d say ‘we need more talent’. Team and scheme are equally important. Therefore, the style of play usually determines what you want to do offensively/defensively. If you have an offensive mentality you might to play with teams like the Eagles, Patriots, Lions, Packers and Saints.  You might be a defensive/pound the rock guy, teams like the Ravens, Texans, Niners , Jets, Bears,  look really attractive. Overall you want good balance. Teams that give solid balance are the Cowboys, Niners, Texans, Eagles, Bears, and the Ravens.  Granted, there are many teams not listed that you may be able to master, but these are the teams that the vast majority of Madden 13 users will be playing with.

I have given you rules #6 through #10. If you follow the link below you’ll see rules #5 through #1. For the latest Madden 13 information and general sports updates, follow us on twitter @MaddenDaily. Also, post your comments below. We like to know what you think.

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  1. I can’t wait for Madden 13 to come out. I already preordered my copy, and I’ll be there at midnight to pick it up. Let’s see what rules 5 through 1 say!

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