The Shotgun Doubles – Out N Up is one of the best plays in the game and not many people even know about it! We show you how to effectively obliterate both man and zone defense out of this play. The slot receiver and the tight end are both on “up n out” routes. This route is arguably the best route to use against man defense and we have 2 of them!

Found in the Texans and Redskins Playbooks


1. Put the Running Back on a Streak – (Up on the Dpad + Receiver Icon + Up on the Dpad)
2. Put the Left Outside WR on a Drag Route – (Up on the Dpad + Receiver Icon + Down on the Right Analog)
3. Put the Right Outside WR on a Smart Routed Out Route – (Up on the Dpad + Receiver Icon + Right on the Dpad) (To Smart Route: Up on the Dpad + Receiver Icon + Click Down on the Right Stick)
4. Motion the RB to the Left and Hike

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