Texan Under our of the single back tight doubles formation is a man and zone killer. We have an unbumpable fade route that kills press coverage, two crossing routes that work the middle of the field beautifully together, and a post route that gets open against every zone defense in the game. This play is found in the Houston Texans and Washington Redskins playbook. Here is the setup:

1. Put B(Circle) on a fade route. Up on the Dpad plus receiver icon plus up on the right analog stick.
2. Put A(X) on a slant in. Up on the dpad plus receiver icon plus left on the right analog stick.
3. Put RB(R1) on a swing route. Up on the dpad plus receiver icon plus right on the right analog

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  1. Your right this one is more effective than the FL screen! I brought it out in da 4th qtr and won me the game. Thanks!! coming out with any more road to 100 videos??