Gaining an edge in Madden 13 comes in many forms. It can come through exploits, a strong defense, a strong overall team, or even a good play book. Today, the edge I want to discuss is the hurry-up Offense. The hurry-up/the quick hike is Madden’s most controversial styles. Some baller’s hurry-up every snap, some during two minute situations and others pick their spots. I would like to explain when I believe is the best time to employ the hurry-up.

At times, this offense may seem cheesy or cheap; however, it’s super effective. In warfare the term blitzkrieg was made popular by the German war fighters during Adolf Hilter’s rule. The German ruler would devise sneak attacks on unsuspecting countries by using a heavy concentration of air and ground units. This cripples a countries ability to counterattack. This is the origin of the NFL’s term: “blitz”.

In order to employ this blitz principle to the hurry-up your opponent must be totally caught of guard. We do this by using a combination of audibles and play call substitutions. First, you want to come out in a balanced formation. I like to use any formations with 3WRs, TE and a RB or 2WR, 2TE’s and a RB.  This will force the defense to choose nickel or dime defense. You must ensure that your audibles contain one heavy run play and a few money pass plays. If your opponent comes out in a set that seems heavy corner or heavy LB, you audible down to a run or pass formation (which ever formation proves most favorable). This will put the defense in compromised position and then you will be able to run hurry-up all the way up the field.

The quick hike is simpler; in that you are trying to catch the defense while their making adjustments. This can be run through pre-snap keys, noticing a favorable defense and hiking the ball prior to the baller making any adjustments. This is most effective after you ran a particular play, noticed a match-up, called hurry-up and took advantage without allowing your opponent to adjust.

To wrap it up, the hurry-up and the quick hike may be considered cheesy or cheap in the eyes of some, but it’s perfectly legal. Yes, it’s legal and used by the NFL greats -Peyton and Brady – to expose coverages. If you’re not using it you’re at a definite disadvantage.

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