Sting Pinch Zone has been one of the most popular madden defenses since the PS2 days. The defense was made famous by Problem, who is arguably the best Madden tournament player of all time. He ran the Sting Pinch to perfection from Madden 07 to Madden 09. Madden 10 is when he started using the “155 shake” which eventually blew up in the madden community as well. Once he stopped using it, so did everyone else. But the play is still very good and unique in Madden 13. Here is how Madden Daily successfully uses the Sting Pinch Zone Defense in Madden 13

1. Put the left blitzing MLB in a deep blue zone (Down on the Dpad + Up on the Right Analog Stick)
2. Put both defensive ends in purple zones (Down on the Dpad + Right on the DPad)
3. Put the Defensive Tackle in a QB Spy (Down on the Dpad + Left on the Right Analog Stick)

Optional: If I’m manually controlling the FS, I will put the Def End on the left of the screen in a yellow hook zone instead of a purple zone. To do this press Down on the Dpad + Up on the Dpad. I then manually guard the flats myself.

We now have a very good zone coverage defense with minimal pressure from the OLB’s. Even though we are only blitzing 2 guys, they are isolated against the Offensive Tackles. If one our linebackers block shed, the Guards and Center will not pick him up. Overall, this defense can be successful because it gives us a chance at getting some big hits and also confusing our opponent with unique coverage.

Let us know what you think of this play by commenting below with your feedback. Also, there is an extremely fast manual a gap blitz going around in the madden community and we know how to stop it! Tournament players do not have to worry because Manual A Gap blitzing is banned, but for the online guys, you need to know what to do against it. I will put a video out once we get 15 comments in this post. I will not show how to do it, only how to stop it.


  1. Great Stuff Man. Looking forward to seeing how to stop the online A Gap and also waiting on that 46 normal mini scheme with a,b and edge heat I requested.

    • We know exactly what he’s doing out of 46 Bear Under… At some point we will cover it but generally Me and Fiasco like to put stuff out that we personally find ourselves.

      • oh no doubt man – but since you mentioned this was problems 07-09 defense. just wondered how he was rolling this season. thanks giuys!

      • We were extremely busy this weekend but we are going to be on the grind this week for sure. It’s just good to know and see that people are enjoying our tips and appreciating the work that me and Fiasco are putting it. The Manual A Gap Vid is finally publishing to Youtube as we speak.. it says 46 minutes remaining. I’m editing the post for this tip on the site now.. so check back in an hour, it will be up.

  2. I would actually like to see the A gap blitz and how to stop it, but more than that I have been getting killed by LaSean McKoy Screen plays. If you could shoot me a link or email me a tip at I would greatly appreciate it.