We just released our Green Bay Offensive Ebook and it is only $8.99! We truly believe this Green Bay O is the best offense in Madden 13. Here is a quick video showing you guys what to expect in our new ebook!

Don’t forget, you will also get an entry to our FREE $100 Tournament with the purchase of this ebook, which will take place on Saturday March 30th.

You can Buy the Ebook on the Top Right of our Website ====>


  1. can some please help me. I”m freaking out, I just bought the greenbay ebook. cant find a link no contact. I feel like I just got robbed!

    • Our records indicate that you have already registered your ebook. I dont understand where the complaints came from. The guide was e-mailed to you and was fully functional. Thank you.

  2. dude, you legit just spammed our site. You got to atleast give us an hour to respond to you man before complaining. The ebook should have been sent to whatever email you use for paypal. If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder. You purchased the GB ebook? What is your paypal transaction ID?

    • yes definitely. This offense works even better for PS3 users because the whole left side of the field is un bumpable!

    • thanks!! We sure are… Subscribe to us if you haven’t yet on Youtube. We are going to be posting Gameplay vids very shortly

  3. Maddenvilla calm down, these guys are legit and will help you find it…be patient, the same thing happend to me for the defensive e book…i found it and uploaded it and was all good….im sure this ebook is very helpful to all levels of players

  4. Hey I want to purchase ur Chicago defensive e book, but I don’t have a computer, I have an android phone, will I still b able to receive it and go thru it?

  5. Oh that sucks but when madden came our, I bought an e book from shocker and it works w my phone. sometimes it dosnt tho. like it would freeze up and direct me to YouTube but I’m getting sick of how that kid acts so I need another madden info site w e books

    • Hey dude, me and fiasco are both on vacations right now and away from our computers. The ebook automatically gets sent to your Paypal email. Do you not have access to it right now ? If not I will take care of you first thing Monday morning. Email us at maddendaily@gmail.com

  6. Having problem with ur ebook it’s telling me it’s a virus will not download help me out please Receipt number:

  7. someone Help an OLD fart with all this fancy stuff. so this Program goes into the PS# to make madden 2013 GB offense run better is this Correct ? just how does one do this ? what about the defense ? can I buy IT also ?