In this video we breakdown the effectiveness of the curl-flat combo in Madden 13. It has been extremely effective and popular with a lot of players online in the early going of the season. Not only do we show you how to throw curls properly, we also have our methods in stopping them! Enjoy the video because it is 2 tips in 1.

Curl flats can be found in tons and tons of formations throughout the game. However, I found the most effective ones are from under center formations and a 4 wide spread sets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To put your end (or any other player) in a purple buzz zone, hit Down on the D-Pad, then Right on the D-Pad. Also, for those of you know who need to know how to “bump-and-run” hit Up on the D-Pad, then Down on the D-Pad.



Let us know what you think! What’s your method for stopping curls in Madden 13?