In this tip we are looking at a 5 Man Blitz out of the Dollar Formation. The play is called FIre Zone 3 in the New England playbook, but also called Mike Edge 3 Seam in a bunch of other play books (every pb is posted in the video).

Stay tuned for more FREE Madden 13 Tips as we are going to continue breaking down 3 down linemen defenses!

Dollar 326 – Fire Zone 3 (Mike Edge 3 Seam)

Key Notes:

– You can not slide protect to stop this blitz

– You can easily flip the play and have the blitz come from the opposite side

– Extremely easy to setup (just move the slot defensive backs down and to the inside)



  1. Nice video man..I bought both E-books..I’ve implemented much of the Bears D (using the MIA Defense–mainly because Miami has 4-6 bear under) this give me a little more to spice it up with the dollar D too..great work..both books are A++++..however I’m sketchy on switching offenses this late in the year..but I still find it helpful to know what ppl are trending towards as far as offense..thanks for the quality material