Any Formation/Any Play

1) Put outside receiver on out route (Up on D-Pad, Icon of Receiver, Left or Right(direction of out route) on left thumb-stick)

2) Smart route the receiver that you put on out route (Up on D-Pad, Icon of Receiver, Click in Right Thumb-stick (R3))

In this tip we showcase the effectiveness of smart routed out routes against man press defense. This has become a widely growing way of attack for a lot of Madden players in recent weeks. We also show how we stop them as well. We are giving you two tips in one!

Stay tuned for our Road to Top 100 video dropping soon! and Fiasco’s SF Shotgun Bunch HB Str mini-scheme!


      • It’s all great stuff really. I only really got into football last year (im irish not great coverage of the sport here) and I’m tryin to build a good playstyle/scheme. I’ve been lookin everywhere for help but your stuff is by far the best. Keep up the great work.