Fades are arguably the best route in Madden 13. They took this route away from us last year, but it’s back and better than ever! Madden Daily is going to show you the different ways to use this route; all in one play! This route is effective up the seams and to the outside. This is especially true when the fade route does not get bumped.

To put your wide receiver on a fade route, press Up on the Dpad + Receiver’s Icon + Up on the Analog Stick

When putting your outside wide receivers on fade routes, if your opponent is playing bump and run man coverage, they will get bumped. However, Madden Daily found a way around this. There are many pre stock fade routes in Madden 13. All of these fades are unbumpable! We found a play in which we can get 4 fade routes on the field, and they are ALL UNBUMPABLE! The play is found in the Eagles playbook.

Shotgun Normal – PA DBL Stick


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  1. Hey bruh, my name is Jeff, I need sum answers on a person who doesn’t blitz at all but sends everyone back in coverage including his down linemen except the left side d end but he blitzes the one n only d end and still gets to the qb in d matter of seconds no matter how I shift or put a rb block he still gets it off , any advice on how dis dude keeps getting it off on defence n he even blocks field goals with it .. it’s crazy bruh .. any ideas lemme kno thanks