This play is found in the NYG defensive playbook, along with many more when the game comes out. The play is in the Nickel Normal formation and is called Over Storm Brave.




1) Spread D-Line Out (Left on D-Pad, Up on D-Pad)
2) Crash D-Line Out (Left on D-Pad, Up on Right Thumb-stick)
3) Show Blitz (Up on D-Pad, Left on D-Pad)
4) Re-Blitz Both DE’s (Down on D-Pad, Down on D-Pad)


    • Once you get all the adjustments down, you can do the first 3 steps before the offense gets to the line of scrimmage. Its something to practice in the demo, so you’re ready for the season. Use two controllers and take the playclock off and test it out! Let me know.