This is our first user catching tutorial of the season. We show you how to user catch fade routes to the outside receiver. There are many more routes in the game which can be user caught, so please stay up to date with Madden Daily as we continue to pump out free Madden 13 tips!

As I state in the video, please do not get discouraged with the amount of dropped balls when you attempt this in practice mode. EA Sports has stated they will be releasing a patch as soon as Madden 13 comes out fixing this issue (along with a few more).  This can be really effective when mixed in with your scheme, as it can be done in many formations.

You want to put your receiver on a fade route, then throw a HIGH bullet pass when he is 10 yards down the field. Click on by hitting the “B” button, then cut the angle of your route off (about 2 o’clock on left thumb-stick), press Y and your receiver should go up and grab it.

Ideally you are looking for a tall receiver with high beat press and high “catch-in-traffic” rating to maximize the results of this user catch.




  1. whoooooooooo this what I’m talkin bout. And yall know this is Clutch I’m ready for the online unranked bums let’s gooo Broncos!

    • lol! we def want to see you learn how to effectively throw out routes in the game because I know thats all you been labbing,,,,and the QB avoidance stick #tyreeanimations