The Jet Heavy formation can be found in the New York Jets playbook. The strength of the Jet Heavy is supposed to be the run (with the QB.) Many people believe that this set can only be used with someone like Tim Tebow, RG3, or Michael Vick. However the passing plays are so effective, you can even use someone like Eli Manning or Tom Brady. I am going to show you a really good money play out of this formation.

The play we are going to take a look at is called Z Streak. This play is extremely hard to stop and really easy to use. The left tight end is on a post route while the right tight end is on a corner route. In the video below, we go into full detail on how and why these two routes get open against man defense. In the video we motion the FB to the right. By utilizing this motion, we now changed the assignments of the man defenders. Typically, the outside right CB will be manned up with the Tight End on the Corner Route. The Corner Route will not get open because the CB has outside position. When we motion the FB (RB) to the right, the Right CB will now guard the FB. This means that the OLB on the right will be manned up against the TE. Now our right tight has gained outside position and the route will get wide open.

1. Put the Left RB on a wheel route (Up on the Dpad + Receiver Icon + Up on the Right Stick)
2. Put the Right RB or the FB on any route. Then motion him to the right and put him on an inside slant route. (Up on the Dpad + Receiver Icon + Left on the Right Stick)

Please Comment Below with your feedback. If We Receive over 15 positive comments on the site, we will immediately put out another Money Pass Play out of Jet Heavy that works perfectly with Z Streak. We will also show you different ways to run the QB Blast.


    • thanks, I hope MaddenDaily is a site you check daily by now. I’m going to post another money play and how I run the QB Blast sometime soon; within the next few days.

  1. Woo! That’s some intense practice you do there keep up the good work, I still need to learn how to call plays & move my players on the fly, but will try to master it this year! Haven’t bought a Madden since 07. Thank you, Do Work Son!!

  2. very nice play that floods basically the whole field. Gonna add this to my playbk tomorrow hopefully to celebrate a very need cowboy win. And I know everyone hates the cowboys in real life. Awesome play guys keep em coming.

  3. I assume it would take about 10 men if not all 11 to stop this if the person running it can really read the field well. And then you just have all day to playmaker. So I guess 10 would be max def need at least one man rushing and then just make the right choice as the defender. I would say that it would be almost impossible to stop if they re was no ball hawk in the game that def helps. But the play is deadly looking.